Develop and deliver



*Read personal stories about Mindfulness – a safe mooring during the Covid storm from the Oxford Parkinsons website.


*Tailoring and developing mindfulness programmes to best meet the needs of individual cohorts.

*A mindfulness programme could include the established ‘8-week course’, a range of introductory courses, follow-on courses etc. As appropriate these courses could be adapted both in form and content.

*Programme development would be approached through using evidence base, trials and reviews.

*The teaching and programme development would be done under supervision.

*Collaboration/co-operation/consultation would be, whenever possible, with everyone that might be affected – participants, their carers and families, involved professionals etc..


* The mindfulness teachers will be UK Mindfulness Network listed.

* Any teachers of associated disciplines (i.e. Alexander teachers, or yoga teachers) would carry the equivalent certification and accreditation.

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